The Benefits of Integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud and NetSuite


Most certainly everyone will agree that the beauty of e-commerce not only lays on its growing money making potential but on its ability to provide an instantaneous world audience exposure that offers unlimited opportunities for both entrepreneurs and businesses that are tech savvy.

However, having exposure and having a commercial appeal to your potential global clients are two different things. An international presence means that a company must first do a lot of homework on how best they will be able first to win the hearts of their potential clients. Secondly how well they will be able to deliver and get paid for the goods and services they have delivered on time and thirdly how best they will ensure customers satisfaction for them to continue having repeat customers hence ensuring business profitability.

It is for these reasons that companies have resolved to use software to manage and help in the running of their businesses. A few years back, companies used to buy different software to satisfy different needs such as demandware accounting software was purchased to manage only accounting functions of the company and other different software to fulfill the diverse requirements of the business.

However, with recent introductions of software that can manage all operations and activities of companies more and more online businesses and enterprises have embraced them. It is with this consideration in mind that demandware integration with Salesforce force commerce cloud to enable data to be shared across all of the Salesforce multiple clouds that include marketing, sales, and service. However this was not enough, tech savvy companies initiated a further integration process between Salesforce and NetSuite which provides the following benefits.

Integrating Salesforce with NetSuite will assist your sales representative to manage your client’s contacts and reconcile their orders before making shipping arrangements. Even before closing a critical deal, the customer’s order will get keyed into NetSuite, the inventory will get verified, and finally, the credit card of the client will also be confirmed and processed. When you have direct access to NetSuite tools from Salesforce or Salesforce tools from NetSuite, these tools will ensure that you save time and increase your customer satisfaction at all processing levels. Apart from this, this integration helps to keep all of your client’s information in sync hence assisting to avoid any errors in communication and order processing.

There are numerous reasons why you should integrate Salesforce and NetSuite. Most of these reasons usually involve around streamlining your client’s interaction. Integrating Salesforce with NetSuite will provide a seamless tracking of your business operations from lead management to cash collection hence this will help in improving your firm’s cash flows and it does reduce the potential errors that may arise from manual order entry.

The other integration benefits of Salesforce with NetSuite include the following:

o    Increased timeliness and sales accuracy

o    Real-time visibility for order fulfillment and billing


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