The Process Of Designing Software Integration Platform


Requirements, assumptions and the goals of integrating software systems that is already in existence is quite different compared to the process of developing and maintaining a system. This means that the integration process should be a different one from the rest. The process of coming up with a software integration platform, entails a number of steps that should be followed, for the success the entire process.

User evaluation of the systems that are present should be done before the commencing the incorporation process is important. After user evaluation, in case the acquired results do not affect the desired architecture, then the incorporation process can commence. The benefit of conducting the user evaluation process is that any issues that arise during the process will be crucial in the ensuing phases, including the actual implementation stage.

A development which is oriented around the structural design of the particular system offers a high success rate. A structural design that can be easily incorporated usually uses a middleware. This is a software product that acts as a mediator between the user interfaces and data generators plus repositories.   In case it is an organization that has just merged, there is the user aspect that should be addressed accordingly. Meetings need to be held so as to discuss the general process of integration. Such a meeting is essential as different people can have various alternatives which should be considered or even explored. Confidence and trust need to be built in the users of the demandware ecommerce platform.

In case a company merges with another one or even introduces new departments, it is of importance to integrate its software through a common platform that supports the process sufficiently. A number of risks can also be experienced. Integration errors can occur when the system relies too heavily on the natural language rather than the automated one that checks the system interfaces. Various integration languages are there and they all one to be able to define an interface in such a manner that it can automatically be checked for completeness and consistency. To avoid such an error, automated tools should be used. Addition of new components, prior to their integration, may lead to structural design changes that have been made use of in the development of the product hence its malfunction. This implies that whenever new components or even subsystems have been added, they must be incorporated first for the demandware software to function well.


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